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  • Creates and implements national, state and local finance plans tailored to each specific candidate's needs and location

  • Sets and monitors fundraising goals and weekly, monthly, and quarterly targets for each fundraising tool

  • Manages and staffs candidate call time weekly

  • Plans and coordinates fundraising events 

  • Builds a source code and tracking system for NGP governing the work of all staff fundraisers and making NGP a useful tool for analysis and tracking


  • Provides documentation to track budget and spending daily

  • Assists Campaign Manager/Consultants in determining spending, necessary costs, and outlining spending priorities

  • Reports the results of all fundraising and cash flow to Campaign Manager/Consultants, including coordinating the campaign spending budget with the income budget


*Provided to State and Local Candidates

  • Supervises fundraising check collection, deposit and data entry

  • Ensures timely entry of all contributions, and that legal and reporting requirements are met

  • Reviews and files all necessary campaign finance documentation

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